1. Bonavista


  2. Bonavista


  3. Bonavista


  4. St. Joseph’s Church, Bonavista


  5. St. Joseph’s Church, Bonavista


  6. St Joseph’s Church, Bonavista


  7. Monuments, Bonavista


  8. Swyers Fresh Foods, Bonavista


  9. newfoundlandtowns:

    Salvage, Newfoundland and Labrador. Situated at the tip of the Eastport Peninsula this charming and historic village offers rugged coastal scenery and fine examples of vernacular architecture in its carefully restored fishing stages. This is the oldest community on the Eastport Peninsula and among the earliest permanent settlements continuously inhabited in the province and the country. There are fewer than 200 permanent residents in Salvage but increasingly more visitors make Salvage their summer home.

    We are lucky to live close enough to visit a couple of times each year, and even luckier to be there when crab is in season and the slightly weather-beaten Sea Breeze pub is open to serve a fine meal.


  10. Champney’s West


  11. Champney’s West


  12. Champney’s West


  13. Champney’s West


  14. Catalina


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